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Forget the glass palace on wheel which was roled out a year ago and welcome the newest member of Kolkata's new glossy tram.  
This hardly looks like Kolkata and before long this city of Joy will once again be transformed into the “Paris of the East”.  After long awaited patience, Kolkatans are finally being showered with the fanciest and best of public transports.  The latest member to join the modernization drive is the Calcutta Tramways(CTC).  Although, they started building new models for tram a year before, it is only now that they have perfected it. 
Kolkata Trams aren’t the only public transportation services that getting an overhaul.  A new tender under the JNNURM plan, is floating in 300 ultra low floor buses(Volvos and Tata) and 900 semi-low floor buses(Tata and Ashok Leylands).  I have updated my gallery with snaps from ace photographer Rik Chaterjee’s collection.  The buses in the gallery are all semi-low floor buses.  Due to the manufacturer’s operational delay, Kolkata so far has only received 5-6 ultra-low floor buses and all of them are being used to connect Bose International Airport to all fringes of the city. 

11/5/2009 09:44:08 pm

this is a great update. I haven't seen the tram around town yet but hopefully I will see it soon.

11/10/2009 08:26:00 am

I am in kolkata right now. Spotted one just yesterday, didn't have my camera with me :(

11/10/2009 11:29:32 am

Hello there. LOVE IT!!!

9/8/2011 03:17:45 pm

WOW ! that looks the best ! I had been to kolkata in January 2011 but couldnt spot one of those !

Btw can u post more photos of this massive monster ???


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